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     As you continue to follow the Christian path, there may come a time when you would like to more fully explore the breadth and depth of the Christian tradition.  Having dealt with these topics further enables you to connect the Christian tradition to your own life experience.

     Education for Ministry (EfM) is a unique four-year distance learning certificate program in theological education EFM (Education For Ministry) is a four-year program of theological education by extension
(distance learning) from the School of Theology's Programs Center at The University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee. The program is based upon small-group study and practice.

     Since its founding in 1975, this international program has assisted more than 80,000 participants in discovering and nurturing their call to Christian service. EfM helps the faithful encounter the breadth and depth of the Christian tradition and bring it into conversation with their experiences of the world as they study, worship, and engage in theological reflection together.

     Our EfM group has between six and twelve students with a trained mentor.  They meet weekly over the nine-month academic year.  This unique certificate program takes four years to complete.  But you can take it one year at a time.  The first year looks at the Old Testament, the second the New Testament, the third Church History, and the fourth Theological Choices.



Baptism Program

     Our program includes two opportunities to welcome families by providing fellowship and Christian Formation training for families who attend a Baptism dinner followed by a Christian Education presentation and a Baptism training all prior to the date of Baptism. We offer Holy Baptism on the following Holy days during the church calendar: Baptism of Our Lord, Easter Sunday, Day of Pentecost, and All Saints Day. Please use this "Baptism Form."  Click to view and download.

Church School

     Our Sunday Church Education Program is for children and youth in Preschool and up. We currently use the Seasons of the Spirit curriculum which is lectionary-based and which follows our liturgical calendar.  We meet each Sunday morning at:

9:30 AM for youths (grades 6 - 12) in Disciples Hall
10:00 AM for children (preschool - 5)each Sunday in the Chapel.

Our 2017 program runs from the Sept. 10 through the school year.
Please use this Registration Form; click to view and download. 

Youth Group

     Our Youth Group is available to all youth ages 11-17 (grades 6-12). They meet for Christian education and Confirmation training several times a month to deepen their understanding of their personal faith and spiritual journey through worship, fellowship, education, outreach and evangelism. 

Confirmation Formation

2017's Confirmation Class

     This program consists of a three year commitment of youths and their parents to provide opportunities for young people seeking to make an adult commitment to being a Christian to be active members in their own Christian Formation through worship, fellowship, education, outreach and evangelism. Please use this "Confirmation Information Form";  Click and view and download, then fill-out and submit the form to the Chris Church office.

2017's Confirmation Candidates' Projects




     These classes are held for adults as well as the parents and godparents of the child to be baptized.  The two to three session course teaches the meaning of and history of baptism.


     The Bishop of our Diocese officially receives people into the Church Community.  If the individual has already been confirmed in another denomination, they are “received.”  If not, the person takes a two or three session course and is “confirmed.”  This course introduces the foundational understandings of the Christian faith and the particular way we express that faith in the Episcopal tradition. All are welcome to attend:  those already attending Christ Church as well as others who wish to have an opportunity to explore what it means to be Christian in the 21st century.


     Lectures and workshops are frequently held to address topics of interest.  A very popular workshop is the Write Your Own Icon.  Our own iconographer leads the students through the steps and, after they have finished their icons, the Rector blesses them during a service.  Recent lectures include "The Episcopal Church and Homosexuality," a report from our Annual Mission Trip, and a report from the Diocesan Annual Convention. 


     Are you seeking to understand the Bible?  Several small groups meet at a variety of times to do just this!  They are like Jesus’ own small group of disciples – listening to Jesus’ teachings and struggling to understand. 

Sunday Morning Group

     This group has been meeting on Sunday mornings from about 9am to 10am (between the 8:00 am and the 10:15 am services) for many years.  The focus varies.  At times it functions as a discussion group as they explore the meaning of Biblical passages by using a variety of translations.  At other times it is a forum with guest speakers, usually from the congregation.  And, sometimes it is an examination of the following week’s readings.  The priest giving the sermon that week joins us; we think to get ideas!