Cursillo is a method of renewal in the church which began in the Spanish Roman Catholic church and, with their blessing, was embraced by the Episcopal Church.  Its purpose is to identify leaders in the church and provide support as they seek to bring Christ to those around them.   The word Cursillo (pronounced coor-SEE-oh) is a Spanish word that means “short course of lectures”).

     Christ Church has seventeen Cursillistas (one who has attended a Cursillo weekend).  Persons identified by Cursillistas are invited to attend a week-end retreat.  A  Christian community is formed as they learn to lead, pray, and grow in the faith.  There are larger groups, called Ultreyas, where Cursillistas gather to share and draw encouragement from their community.  We assist clergy in evangelism as we demonstrate the love of Christ at work in our lives.  This is a beautiful community.