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     Fresh food is available in Ocean County New Jersey at bargain prices through the Jolin Food Box food assistance program, an Outreach Ministry of Christ Church, which serves as a partner site in this program.

     The food boxes offered by the Jolin Food Box program are priced from about $15.00 - about $41.00, approximately 60% lower than retail prices. The boxes are designed to feed individuals or groups of varying sizes. There are even special boxes just for kids!

     Boxes include an assortment of frozen, refrigerated and grocery items, such as single entrees, assorted entrees, breakfast-lunch-dinner combinations and selections designed just for children. There is no limit to the number of boxes an individual or family can purchase, and the menu changes each month.

     To place an order with this special food assistance program, call the Ministry Director, JoAnn Meehan at 732-925-6766, or order online with a credit card. Payment is made when the order is placed. Boxes are picked up at the Christ Church location in Toms River, 415 Washington Street.

     The new Jolin Food Box program was initiated by Jolin Foods, a company which has supplied area retail food stores with quality grocery, frozen and refrigerated food for more than 20 years. Jolin is partnering with non-profit organizations, churches, senior centers and housing projects to provide quality food items at wholesale prices. The food box will help families bridge the gap and allow families to help themselves and have quality food.

     Boxes are available for pick up at Christ Church at Noon on the scheduled delivery date which is indicated on each month's menu.

Questions - Inquires:
JoAnn Meehan
732-925-6766 (cell)

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