Worship Ministries

Lay Eucharistic Ministers

     Lay Eucharistic Ministers are licensed by the Bishop.  They assist in the administration of Holy Communion at most celebrations of the Holy Eucharist and normally lead Prayers of the People.

Lay Eucharistic Visitors

     There are many people who for various reasons cannot get to a church service (health, mobility, lack of transportation). Yet they are full parishioners, just like those who come to church.
     To date we have commissioned over twenty Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEV) to take communion to those who are home-bound. Some of these people have been LEVs for many years; others newly trained.
     If you are interested in finding out more about this important ministry (either being a LEV, or arranging for a LEV to visit you), please talk with one of the clergy.


     Acolytes assist at Sunday services. They help in worship by carrying the cross, lighting candles, flying liturgical kites, and holding the Gospel book. All ages are encouraged to participate.

Our Kelly B. and Young Acolytes

Altar Guild

     Altar Guild members assume responsibility for the care and cleaning of the church's linens, vestments and altar appointments, as well as setting up before and cleaning up after services.


     Bagpiper classes are offered at Christ Church to learn to play the bagpipes and/or drums. Several times each year they play at our services and elsewhere in the surrounding communities .

Bell Choir

     The Bell Choir rings at various services throughout the church year, and occasionally out in the community. They almost always ring on Christmas Eve, for Lessons & Carols, the Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday. The Bell Choir is made up of 8-10 dedicated members who rehearse on Thursday evenings.

St. Raphael Choir

     The St. Raphael Choir leads the Sunday service and special celebrations of the parish. Rehearsals are held on Thursday evenings September to May. During the summer the choir rehearses on Sunday mornings before the service. They often combine with other churches for community events.


     Lectors (or Lay Readers) proclaim the Scripture readings used in the Liturgy of the Word from the official liturgical book .

Oblation Bearers

     Oblation Bearers represent the whole congregation at the Offertory as they bring forward the bread and wine to be offered for the Holy Eucharist. They are usually chosen from the congregation.


     Ushers greet worshipers, distribute service leaflets, provide assistance, and help collect the offerings.


     Vergers walk before the clergy as they proceed within the Church while carrying a virge which is a rod or staff carried as an emblem of authority or office. Vergers assist clergy in overseeing preparations for each service. Vergers are lay people.