2017 March News

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Annual Meeting Election Results
The Christ Church annual meeting was held on Sunday January 22, 2017.  Elections were held for a Senior Warden, Jr. Warden, six Vestry positions, three delegates to the Diocesan  Convention, and three delegates to the Monmouth/Ocean  Convocation.                                     

Listed below are the results of the elections:

Senior Warden: Judy Beck

Junior Warden: Joanne Gwin

Vestry: Kathy Kilfara, Phyllis Long, Catherine O’Neill, Helene Phillips, Fabiola Frias,   Eileen Schilling.

Diocesan Convention Delegates: Eileen Schilling, Carolyn Belvin, Phyllis Long.

Ocean/Monmouth Convocation Delegates: Carolyn Belvin, Keith Gabbett  and Elizabeth Papp were appointed by the Rector as Delegates.

Vestry Commissions: Our parish has 100+ ministries, and each ministry is organized under one of ten Commissions.  A copy of the Organization Chart is posted on the Bulletin Board at Church.  Through their respective Commissions, your Vestry provides oversight of the ministries. 

Listed below are the Commission appointments for 2017.  Please feel free to contact them with your questions, or if you are interesting in volunteering  Many fulfilling opportunities are available.

  Worship CommissionMary Lou Steed

  Fellowship CommissionMelissa Briggs

  Pastoral Care CommissionSandy Naiva & Helene Phillips

  Education CommissionEileen Schilling

  Outreach CommissionKathy Kilfara

  Evangelism CommissionLaurie Shelton & Cathy O’Neil

  Justice CommissionPhyllis Long & Fabiola Frias

  Stewardship CommissionKen Kukfa & Joanne Gwin

  Buildings and Grounds CommissionJudy Beck

  Communications CommissionKeith Gabbett