The Discernment Process

FINDING YOUR LAY MINISTRY                       




     There are always members of any church who want to get involved but are hesitant to volunteer.  Perhaps they really just don't know what it might be they could do in the parish.  This program of lay ministry discernment is here to answer that question!

     Those experiencing a call to be ordained deacon or priest go through a discernment process to determine if that is indeed the ministry God intends for them. But those of us not called to the ordained ministry still have a calling - to be lay ministers. These materials provide you a process by which to discern your lay ministry. God intends it.

     We hope you will use this material to assess what your spiritual gifts are, what your personal style is, and to identify your ministry passion. The results may surprise you, or they may confirm what you already presumed about yourself.

     After you have completed and submitted these analyses, the Coordinator of Lay Ministry Discernment will send you a profile based on the data gathered. (Note: You will not be committing yourself to join any parish ministry by submitting these forms.) You may then meet with her to discuss your profile. And, if you want, she will suggest particular parish volunteer positions that fit your profile.

     Access the forms for Steps 1, 2 and 3 in the column to the left.  At the end of each one click submit.

     Thank you for participating in this process!


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This Ministry Assessment has been adapted from
"Bugbee and Cousins' Network Participant Guide."