Making Connections



     Stay after the Sunday service and come to our coffee hour in Disciples Hall.  Disciples Hall is at the opposite end of the building from the Sanctuary.   Our coffee hour is very informal; get a cup of coffee and some treats, and join others at a table.

     We're a very friendly congregation, and it's easy to strike-up conversations. You'll easily see how easy it is to make new friends at out coffee hours.


     Getting to know our clergy, Mother Joan and Mother Petrina and Deacon Ted is one of the great joys of our parish!  They are loving and caring priests and deacons, and all are very approachable.  Let one of us know you are ready to know more about Christ Church or us!


welcome by rector

     Several times a year the Rector invites anyone who considers themselves newcomers to a reception at the Rectory (the home of the Rector, which is between the church and the golf course).  There you will get to know the Rector more personally and meet some of the leaders of the parish. Child care is always provided.


     On a regular basis, we have events of all sorts. Not a month passes that we aren't doing something special. Luncheons, dinners, rummage sales, flea markets, picnics, holiday fairs, shows, dances ... the list goes on and on.

Pride Picnic, June 2017

     Come join us and enjoy the fellowship and programs. Our weekly Church Chat newsletter, our weekly Bulletins (provided at services) and our monthly The Chronicle are full of the oncoming events, and our Facebook Page too lists happenings. Often visit our website (www.christchurchtomsriver.org) and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ChristEpiscopalChurchTomsRiver/) to stay current on what is happening, and when the events are scheduled and planned.