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The “Ssidr” Program of Christ Episcopal Church Community Center (CECCC)

     Spiritual Support in Disaster Recovery program of Christ Episcopal Church Community Center is a coalition of three church communities --St Mary’s Point Pleasant Beach, Christ Church Toms River and St Thomas Red Bank-- responding to disaster needs of our communities in Ocean and Monmouth Counties.  Ssidr has been blessed with funding from The Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey, from The Crisis Ministry of Mercer County, and from our many Sandy Partner Churches.

Spiritual Healing Leading to Transformation

     Ssidr’s mission statement is “To Promote Spiritual and Emotional Healing to Individuals, Families and Communities Affected by Disaster.”  Our efforts resulted in Spiritual Transformation for affected families, congregations and communities.  Ssidr provided stability of basic needs for Sandy-affected survivors while offering a listening ear, prayer and spiritual guidance.  Basic needs were either met directly through our program, or survivors were referred to partner agencies.

Ecumenical Disaster Chaplaincy Training for clergy
of NJ and NY held at Christ Church Oct 24-25, 2013.
Sponsored through the Diocese of NJ and the Ssidr
(Spiritual Support in Disaster Recovery) program of CECCC.




Highlights of Results of 1st five months of operations (through 09-15-13)

-        Over 5,000 spiritual support interactions with Sandy survivors by Ssidr;

-        Assisted 950 managers, chaplains, pastors, mental health counselors and volunteers;

-        Sponsored 44 youth and children in summer youth programs;

-        Held end-of-summer party for 100 children (Sandy survivors);

-        Distributed backpacks filled with school supplies and a WalMart gift card to each;

-        Two youth interns and four volunteers have been certified in Disaster Response;

-        Monetary Assistance to qualified Sandy Survivors totaled approximately $42,800.

CECCC General Information

     The Christ Episcopal Church Community Center (CECCC) is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization (created by Christ Church of Toms River) serving the needs of the Ocean County Community and beyond.  The current Board of Directors has members from Christ Church and the wider community.                                                                           

     Community support and involvement in supporting the needs of those affected by "Superstorm Sandy" and other disasters are in the forefront of the organization's current efforts.

     Please contact us for more information about the Ssidr Program (Spiritual Support in Disaster Recovery). Write to:

 CECCC Board of Directors 

    Mr. Arthur Williamson, Executive Director
    The Rev. Joan Pettit Mason, President
    Mr. Robert Coughlin, Treasurer
    The Rev. Jacquelyn Rowe
    The Rev. John Thompson-Quarty

CECCC Vision Statement 

 “Releasing the Indwelling Spirit for Transformation, Justice and Peace in a Global World”

 CECCC  Mission  Statement

 We will accomplish our Vision through

  •  Christian Discipleship /Volunteer Training
  •  Enhancing Family & Community Life
  •  Coaching and Training Leaders for Spiritual Transformation
  •  Connecting Communities Worldwide
  •  Creating and Expanding Coalitions to Meet United Nation
    Millennium Goals:

1 Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
2 Achieve universal primary education
3 Promote gender equality and empower women
4 Reduce child mortality
5 Improve maternal health
6 Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
7 Ensure environmental sustainability
8 Develop a global partnership for development

To learn more about the UN Millennium Goals click on UN Goals.

Spiritual Support In Disaster Recovery Program (Ssidr) Vision and Mission Statements

1. Ssidr Vision Statement....

     Ssidr, as a program of CECCC, follows the Vision Statement of CECCC.

2. Ssidr Mission Statement....

     To Promote Spiritual and Emotional Healing to Individuals, Families and Communities Affected by Disaster.  

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A New, Developing CECCC Ministry - Diocesan Regional Hispanic Missioner

     The three Ssidr churches observed a language barrier in the outreach efforts for spiritual support to Sandy disaster families. The churches are forming a ministry cluster pilot project.

     Culturally diverse Spanish-speaking and English-speaking communities now meeting independently will grow to share other programs such as After-School programs, Church school, fellowship, outreach, stewardship, membership on Vestry and Parish commission, and other talents and resources. The activities are shared, and the power is shared, We strive to create a community whereby we will rejoice and celebrate together both in Spanish and English languages and cultures.

     Since 2016 Christ Church has held Our Lady of Guadalupe Fast Day celebrations in Spanish, and we now have a weekly service in Spanish every Sunday.