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    Jul 16, 2017

    Pentecost Proper 10A, July 15-16, 2017; Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23

    Preacher: The Rev. Joan Mason, Rector

    Series: Rector

    Category: Weekly Sermon


         Have you ever planted a garden or done some farming?  Do you remember a Sunday school project where you planted some seeds in a Dixie cup?  The seeds we plant don’t always come up the way we expect.  Sometimes the flowers that come from a bunch of seeds are different colors, or there’s one white one while all the rest are red.  Even genetically cloned seeds have some variation, and a lot depends on the rain, the soil and the sunshine.

         How are you coming up?  What are your flowers looking like?  What about the fruit or seed you’re producing?  How’s the world going to be different because you’ve been here?  

         When you were baptized, God said the same thing to you that he said to Jesus as his baptism, “You are my beloved, and in you I am well pleased.”  That’s a promise that God will keep on loving you even if you turn out to be a red flower instead of a white one.  God will keep on loving you even if you spend a lot of time looking rather wilted.  God will keep on loving you even if you don’t produce much fruit.  God hopes for fruit, but God’s love doesn’t depend on it. 

         You’ve been sown in the heart of Christ, planted in abiding love, and God intends the best for you even when what you experience around you falls short of that promise. Your job is to live into that promise, remembering that you were planted with hope.  Let that promise be sent out from you to bless everyone and everything around you.  You see, you have a part to play in bringing abundant life to others.  The promise within you is like the seed scattered across the path.  Just like in this Gospel story, your soil could be rocky, or shallow, or fertile.  How is God’s love germinating within you?  And is it producing 30 or 60 or 100 times in abundance?

         I see seeds growing, and a harvest being gathered through the people of Christ Church, and the ministries we do here.  I’d like you to think for a moment of a time when you noticed someone making a difference at Christ Church. An encouraging word offered; a grocery bag of food given; teaching a child; a hot meal or a smile given when one was needed.  Think of one example at Christ Church where you saw someone’s seed bearing fruit to help others.  Got one? 

         Now…. please find someone you don’t know so well – introduce yourself (name, how long been at CC), and then share one example of fruitfulness or a place where you saw a seed growing (a person who was helped; or a difference made; or an encouragement given; or a need met).  If you are a visitor today, you may not know Christ Church examples, so maybe you can share something seen elsewhere.   [Your name; how long at CC; fruitfulness seen].///

         Christ Church has a long history of making a difference in our community.  I believe each of us is here at Christ Church at this exact moment in time to make a difference for others through Christ.  God’s love has been planted in each one of us.  God is hoping we each will produce much fruit.  Pay attention this week to how God may be using you, or wishing to use you to make a difference for others.  Pay attention to the good emanating from this parish; and the many ways God uses our multitude of gifts to serve others.  Pay attention, and notice the difference Christ Church is making both inside our walls and out – because of you; because of Christ in all of you.