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    Pope Francis - Twitter

    05.09.15 | Worth Reading

    Since Pope Francis took the helm at the Catholic Church people are being more positive on Twitter, says the Vatican’s social media guru. media guru. The Vatican almost closed the Pope's Twitter account. OMG! The Vatican almost closed the...

      You Know You're an Episcopalian

      05.09.15 | Worth Reading

      You Know You're an Episcopalian   ...if, when you watch Star Wars and they say "May the force be with you," you automatically reply "And also with you." ...if someone says, "Let us pray" and you automatically hit your knees ...if you...

        Poem Unite

        03.25.15 | Worth Reading

        Although she does not consider herself a poet, on a recent snowy day in Lent, Helene Philips of Christ Episcopal Church, Toms River, New Jersey became inspired by watching nature’s “snow dance” happening right outside her window. She put pen to...