Dear Visitors, Newcomers, and Seekers,

     Thank you for viewing our website. We are a community striving to live out Jesus’ call to serve God and to serve others, particularly the poor, the suffering, and those who feel like outsiders.

      We welcome all people including those who may not have had an experience of warm welcome at other churches, for example, our LGBTQ brothers and sisters, those who are divorced, those in recovery, those who are able-challenged, to name a few.

      In this website you will find the times of our weekend and weekday worship services as well as some of the opportunities for service to others. You’ll also find information that may answer many of your questions for your first visit, like parking, where to enter, what to wear (clothes!    ) and how to follow the service. We have many opportunities for outreach, worship, education and fun. Browse our site and then come and see.

      If you did not know it already, the Episcopal Church encourages questions and seeking.   It would be our honor to walk with you on this journey for however long our paths coincide. We look forward to meeting you.