Our Vestry

What Your Vestry Does

     The vestry of the Episcopal Church is responsible for overseeing parish finances, the buildings, and being leaders of the vestry commissions: evangelism, education, pastoral care, communications, stewardship, outreach, justice, worship, buildings and grounds, and fellowship. 

The Vestry of Christ Church is responsible for the 5 marks of the Mission of the Church.

TELL (Proclaim the Good News)

Melissa Briggs, Keith Gabbett, Kathy Kilfara, Phyllis Long

TEACH (About God and the Bible)

Cathy O’Neil, Eileen Schilling

TEND (To the needs of others)

Sandy Naiva, Helene Phillips

TRANSFORM (Unjust structures of society)

Fabiola Frias, Laura Rodgers

TREASURE (Integrity of creation & renewal of life on earth)

Judy Beck, Joanne Gwin, Ken Kukfa

     Our parish has 100+ ministries, and each ministry is organized under one of ten Vestry Commissions.  (A copy of the Organization Chart is posted on the Bulletin Board at Church.)  Through their respective Commissions, your Vestry provides oversight of the ministries. 

     The vestry meets (except during Lent) on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 6:00PM until often 9:00PM until all issues on the agenda are covered. These meetings are open to the parish to attend.

     One of the goals of our vestry in 2017 is to improve communication between the vestry and the parish.

     Please take advantage of Ask the Vestry Sundays or Saturdays and feel free to speak to vestry members with any concerns you might have.



On Becoming a Vestry Member

     Are you a Leader or consider yourself a Leader? Any parish member wishing to join one of the commissions is welcome to do so.

     If you wish to join the vestry, you must be in accordance with our bylaws, be baptized, at least sixteen (16) years of age, domiciled in the parish or adjacent thereto, of good moral character, adhering to this church and no other religious body, regularly attend the services of this church in this said parish, meaning thereby those who are more frequently present than absent unless for a good cause prevented, and be regularly contribute to the current expenses of the parish for six (6) months next before the said Annual Meeting in the manner prescribed by the vestry of said parish. Annuals Meetings are held each January.

     Look for the vestry nomination form in the December Chronicle. Nominations can be made from the floor at the Annual Meeting. If you wish to serve on the Nominating Committee, or if you have any questions, please contact the office and ask for the current warden’s contact information.