Planning Your Visit


Church Parking Lot

     We have a large parking lot right next to the church.  There are churches on both sides of the parking lot.  Christ Church is on the left. 



entrance sign     If you are coming to a Sunday service, the sanctuary is at the front of the church building, nearest the street.    You can enter through either set of doors.

     If you are coming to the Saturday service, it is held in the Chapel.  The Chapel is in the middle of the building facing the parking lot.  You can enter through either
set of doors.


                            church service


     When you enter the worship space, you will be handed a bulletin.  Sit anywhere you like.


WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?                 

  how to dress 2      

     Dress for Sunday morning services ranges from casual to business casual to a suit and tie or dress. Those attending the Saturday service are very relaxed and jeans are the norm. 

                                                                          what to wear 2For any service, the rule is,
come as you are most comfortable.



     At Christ Church you will find a diverse group of people at all different stages and places on their faith journey.  You will find seekers, the doubtful, the devout and devoted.  Some will have Catholic styles of devotion and piety, and others will use evangelical language.  Ours is also a mix of race, age, educational background, economic status, and sexual orientation.

     What we have in common is respect and care for each other and a devotion to obey the great commandment to love God and our neighbor. 



    The congregation will sit, stand, and kneel at various places during worship.  Do not be afraid of making a mistake; no one is watching.  Do not feel that you have to follow every word; you can just listen and go with the flow of the service.  At least half of those attending the service were not Episcopalians when they first came to Christ Church.

     If you are in the sanctuary, in the pew you will find a blue hymnal, a red Book of Common Prayer (BCP), and a red and black hymnal, Lift Every Voice and Sing (LEVAS). 

     There is a black journal that is passed during the offering.  If you are new or a repeat visitor, please add your address and phone number.  It is also a way to see the names of those sitting in your pew!

     Near the end of the service, people will come forward to receive Holy Communion.  We invite all baptized Christians to receive Holy Communion with us.

     We receive the wafer in our palm.  You may eat the wafer and then drink the wine from the large cup as it comes by you.  Just take a small sip or let the wine touch your lips.  Or, you may instead hold your wafer and dip it carefully into the wine and then eat your wafer.  If you prefer not to receive the wine, just cross your arms across your chest.

     It is real wine.  Some of our people refrain from alcohol.  You will see that they do not drink the wine.  When people have colds or communicable illnesses, they will dip their wafer into the wine.